PJSC "Production Union" ODESSKIY KONSERVNY ZAVOD" is the leader in the production of canned fruit and vegetable canning products in the Odessa region. The enterprise uses the latest technologies of food and canning production from high quality raw materials, and employs qualified personnel.

We work successfully in the CIS market, constantly expand its dealer network and replenish the range of our products.



100 years on market

"Native" materials

We keep traditions


International level

Modern technologies

PJSC "Production Union" ODESSKIY KONSERVNY ZAVOD", is one of the oldest processing enterprises in Ukraine. The history of our factory begins in the distant 1919. Throughout its existence, the plant has grown and developed. We are one of the few canneries of the former Soviet Union that over the years of independence didn't just savethe output but expanded the range of products significantly. The halo of our product presence is not only in many regions of the CIS countries, but also in Europe, Asia and even the USA. And we continue to expand our trade relations. At the moment, our structure includes four production complexes, which employ about 800 people.

High production standards, modern technological capacities, thorough quality control at all stages (from raw materials receipt and sorting up to laboratory expertise in the shipment of products) are all confirmed by the numerous awards our products regularly receive at international exhibitions.