Soyuz Agro

In 2010, PJSC "Production Association" Odessa Canning Plant "entered a new round of its development by launching two new trademarks of TM" Soyuz-Agro "and TM" Union of Seas ". The products of TM "Soyuz-Agro" immediately found their buyer due to their high quality and low price.


Halva is an oriental sweet, originally from Iran, which the inhabitants of this country began to prepare many centuries ago. Now halvah can be bought at any pastry shop.


Vegetable preserves

"Odessa Canning Plant" is a leader in the range of products. A significant place in the range of products is vegetable preservation.


Ketchup, sauces

The homeland of ketchup, however, is not in their present form considered to be China. In the distant Middle Ages somewhere in the middle of the XVII century seasoning in the form of a mixture of various vegetables and spices was brought to England and immediately found its admirers, which became known as "catchup", which in translation means ketchup. However, the ketchup in the usual way for us to be welded on the basis of tomatoes appeared much later in two centuries.


Juices, nectars

One of the directions of production at the "Odessa canning plant" is an assortment of juices and nectars: Tomato juice and Nectars in the range. The recipe developed by our laboratory allows us to preserve the maximum taste and useful substances.